Over the past few decades we as a nation have reduced the opportunity for our children to really play like they used to. Society may have changed but our children are still the same. Given the chance children still love to play and the health benefits to our children from active game play are second to none.

Mini Boppers™ classes are based on children having fun and with our themed topics classes are education too. In this digital age getting your children to be active can be difficult and getting them to remain active can be harder still.

We at Mini Boppers™ feel the activities and games played by children are such they can truly enjoy. With our thought provoking themes there is always something new to learn providing your child with a fresh, sociable, fun, active and exciting experience. Children do not have to be sporty to enjoy our classes,  with games galore our activities are suitable for all.

As children we at  Mini Boppers™ just want you to have fun!